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Is Your Pet Trying To Tell You Something?

When we’re in pain, we can usually identify what hurts and how to treat it. Pets try to tell us when they’re hurting too, but it isn’t always easy for us to pinpoint what’s wrong. If you’re seeing signs of discomfort in your dog or cat, manipulation of the pet’s spine by a licensed chiropractor can help the body heal.

Smart Tips for Healthy Brains

You’ve just read something about healthy brains, but can’t remember where? Join the ranks of overstressed and distracted citizens whose heads are on overload, to the point where memory is . . . well . . . a distant memory.  

Beat Your Sugar Addiction

Every new day offers the chance to beat a bad habit—and improve the way you feel. If your bathroom scale has recently registered gains, you probably know how much damage sugary desserts and treats can do. 

Fall for Herbal Tea

This fall, use your tea breaks to bolster immunity! 

Happy Halloween: Easy as ABC

The holiday is only a few days away, but fear not! Here are three ways to keep your wits about you. With a little forethought and a lot of conviction, you can keep the spirit of Halloween without succumbing to over-indulgence.

Moisturize Dry Skin Naturally

We get so bombarded with advertising—especially when it comes to beauty products—that it’s challenging to decipher which ingredients our skin really needs to look and stay healthy.

Web Extra: Tomato Jam

From the Taste for Life test kitchen

70 minutes prep time

Makes approximately 1 cup

Study Shows Organic Food Is Beneficial

By: Pam Bump

A recent study concluded that organic fruits and vegetables provide more nutrition than conventionally grown produce. Benefits include an increased amount of antioxidants and decreased amounts of cadmium, a potentially toxic metal.

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