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Herbs & Supplements for Stress

Stress is like an iceberg. We see the tip—clenched teeth or fists maybe—but it’s what lies below that can sink us.

St. John's Wort: Nature's Antidepressant

Its symptoms can include chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, headaches, backaches, irritability, restlessness, and loss of interest in life. A person with depression may be chronically angry or sad—or may display little or no emotion at all.

Stop Creaking: How to East Joint Pain

Joint pain can slow us down or stop us cold. It occurs when chronic inflammation wears down joints and other tissues, resulting in pain and stiffness. That inflammation can be the result of poor food choices, a lack of physical activity, chronic stress, and weight gain, along with the increasing amount of toxins in our environment.

Pets = The Perfect Prescription

We’ve been bonding with our four-legged friends, and they with us, since our cave-dwelling days. And, whether you look at science or your own experience, the evidence is clear: Our pets take care of us as much as we do them!

For Healthier Baking

Consider smart alternatives like whole-wheat flour, fruit purees, maple syrup, dried fruit, and even spices. These ingredients can add fiber, flavor, vitamins, and minerals.

Cinnamon vs. Cold Season

Science is learning that essential oils offer more than just comforting scents. These plant-based oils may be able to kick colds and other bacteria to the curb.

Preserving Your Fall Harvest

By: Eva Milotte

Summer never seems to be long enough. One great thing about the changing of the seasons is the abundance of organic fruits and vegetables. Because they’re in season, not only are they fresher but often less expensive too.

Is Your Cookware Poisoning You?

We are all aware that the foods we eat influence our health. We know what foods to consume and which ones we should stay away from. We think about the physical food items, but what about the way in which our food is prepared? The pots and pans we choose can have a significant effect on our health. Our cookware and our health are not independent of one another.

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